Account Security

Keeping your account safe at all times.
Because your account security is our highest priority.


Proven & Secure Growth Methods

Before we adopt any of our procedures, we put them through a thorough testing process, and we continue to test them on a regular basis. Unlike many other services, we have updated our system to be completely compliant with Instagram’s requirements and not cause any restrictions as their security measures for 3rd party services and logins increased in 2019.

Secure Logins

2Factor Authentication Backup Code Login

We recommend that you use 2 Factor Authentication on your account to ensure that you remain the account administrator. That also means you may log in to your account safely and kick out any other devices, including us, at any moment. Additionally, you are safe against hacking and phishing assaults. Many businesses attempt to persuade their customers not to use 2 Factor Authentication since it makes the login procedure more difficult; however, because we are working manually from your account, we may utilize the backup codes that you can supply us before we begin.

Block Protection

Compromised Account

When login into an account in a way that suggests to Instagram that it is a hacking or phishing effort, the account becomes compromised.
Instagram will then ask the account owner to update their password in order to prevent the account from being locked. If this is followed by several other actions on the account, it may be subject to a seven-day block.
This is totally avoided by logging in with 2FA enabled and utilizing backup codes as well as GPS spoofing.

Block Protection

Volume Block

Volume Blocks are the only blocks that do not hurt your account and may occur if you attempt to perform some volume on your own.
The volume blocks are merely activities that are restricted owing to reaching a limit, as the name implies. Depending on a few factors, these volume restrictions or volume caps change from day to day and even from situation to circumstance.

Instagram, unfortunately or luckily, does not have a defined capacity limit.

our Data

Account lock

Account locks can happen if you try to link an Instagram-banned program or bot to your account, or if you try to login from a non-verified GPS location.
Manual and organic growth, as well as correctly logging in to the account, verifying the device, and verifying motion patterns in between workflows, completely eliminate the possibility of account locks, as Instagram does not and cannot penalize human behavior or prevent a verified account from operating.

Block Protection

7-Day Block

7-day blocks can happen if you try to link an Instagram-banned program or bot to your account, if you work on interaction without integrating motion patterns, specifically unfollowing in a robot-like manner, or if you try to login from an unverified GPS position.

Although 7-day bans have no direct effect on the account, Instagram maintains records of them and may penalize you in the future.
Not only do the 7 Day blocks prevent you from like, commenting, and following, but they also prevent you from publishing with a caption and hashtags.

Because Instagram does not and cannot punish human conduct or prevent a verified device from working, logging in correctly to the account, authenticating the device, and integrating motion patterns in between the process totally eliminates the threat of 7 Day bans.

Growing your account manually vs with a bot

Because organic beats fake, always.

Organic & Manual Growth

Pure handwork without the use of any growth or analytics software

  • Completely within the Instagram TOS
  • Does not case any Account Blocks or Locks
  • Does not trigger Shadow Bans
  • Full manual control of audience targeting
  • Flexible towards audience and target shifts
  • More expensive
Software/Bot Growth Services

Motion based scripts that execute non-controlled actions

  • Violates the Instagram TOS
  • Causes 7Day Blocks & Locks
  • If detected, punishable by Shadow Ban
  • No control about audience targeting
  • Not flexible towards strategy shifts
  • More affordable

Human Factor

100% manual handwork

Give your Instagram the reach it deserves!

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