Frequently Asked Questions

All of our services adhere to Instagram’s established standards and Terms of Service.
Due to security measures such as GPS spoofing, IP address adaption, 2FA Backup Code logins, Motion patterns, and Device verifications, our activities have never resulted in a shadow ban of a client.
More information is available on the Security Page.

All of our services adhere to Instagram’s established standards and Terms of Service. Due to security measures such as GPS spoofing, IP address adaption, 2FA Backup Code logins, Motion patterns, and Device verifications, our activities have never resulted in a shadow ban of a client.
More information is available on the Security Page.

All of our services adhere to Instagram’s established standards and Terms of Service.
Due to security measures such as GPS spoofing, IP address adaption, 2FA Backup Code logins, Motion patterns, and Device verifications, our activities have never resulted in a shadow ban of a client.
More information is available on the Security Page.

Account locks can happen if you try to link an Instagram-banned program or bot to your account, or if you try to log in from an unconfirmed GPS location.
Because Instagram does not and cannot penalize human activity on a verified account, manual and organic growth, logging in correctly to the account, confirming the device, and motion patterns integrated into the workflow fully exclude the danger of account locks.

On our security page, you may learn about the blockages that are present on Instagram, their causes and triggers, and how to prevent them.

No one from our staff will read any of the messages in or coming from your account, so you can rest assured.

Additionally, the account will only be accessible to one account manager. Since the process requires so much time, our account managers genuinely simply want to enter, accomplish the work, and exit the account.

We recommend that you use 2 Factor Authentication on your account to ensure that you remain the account administrator. That also means you may log in to your account safely and kick out any other devices, including us, at any moment.

Additionally, you are safe against hacking and phishing assaults. Many businesses attempt to persuade their customers not to use 2 Factor Authentication since it makes the login procedure more difficult; however, because we are working manually from your account, we may utilize the backup codes that you can supply us before we begin.

It is totally fine to have a few of your team members log in or remain signed in to your account.
To avoid blockages, kindly make sure that their device is confirmed in the security settings.

Yes! You will always be able to log in without a problem and use your account as normal without any hassle, limits, or problems.

No one can hack into or take control of the account as long as you maintain the Account Administrator position with the 2FA enabled.

Both the Standard and the Accelerated Packages require us to login to your account. The Engagement and Reach Fix Package, on the other hand, does not require us to enter into your account because the work is done entirely outside of it.

It’s nearly hard to predict growth precisely. We can, however, make a reasonable estimate of the numbers we’ll be able to attain.

You may also go through our account database in the menu of our website to discover how accounts in your niche or related niches fared.

The only difference visible to your followers with our Engagement Fix Method will be roughly 20-35 more likes each post, and the effects of all other activities will only be apparent to you, as only you can access the metrics on your account insights. If you choose to allow us to employ Target Audience Interaction, however, the number of accounts you follow will increase using following (highly recommended).

That is one disadvantage of that strategy, although it is minor when compared to the amount of growth that may be achieved.

If you choose to allow us to employ Target Audience Interaction, however, the number of accounts you follow will increase using following (highly recommended).

We’ll need the following information to get started on your account:

1) Username and password for Instagram (if you purchased the Engagement Fix Package you do not need to send over the password to your account)

2) There are four backup recovery codes.
To allow us to log in, go to security –> 2 Factor Authentication –> set it up through SMS (it just takes a few seconds) –> you will receive five backup codes, of which you may send us four. If you already have 2FA enabled, just go to the backup codes area under 2 Factor Authenticator and copy the codes from there.

3) Competitor accounts/accounts with comparable target audiences, as well as hashtags that we can use to locate competitors or your target audience

4) You may also give any other information you feel is necessary for us to efficiently work on your account.

We limit ourselves to interactions that combine motion-based actions, follows, unfollows, and likes. To develop our clients’ accounts, we don’t employ any kind of messaging. Using comments or direct messages is both inauthentic and inefficient.

Yes! We are able to target specific demographics whenever possible and when data is not too specific.

A photography account with the target audience being male pet photographers from the US is easily doable for our account managers. However, it is more difficult if the target audience is 24-27-year-old pet photographers with a Nikon in Miami.

With 95% of clients’ needs concerning target audiences, we do not have any issues at all, though if it gets too narrow to which we cannot manually locate the target audience, our hands are tied as that is where the manual process has its limit.

The results of our work on your account can be visible right away. The procedure is simple, and the effects are consistent since we supply nearly the same volume every day. The volume will increase during the first several days before leveling off.

There is no definitive answer as to how many profiles will unfollow your account due to a variety of reasons. The average percentage of accounts that unfollow after being followed for a week is about 2-10%. This is a natural aspect of the process, and it is little in comparison to the overall growth.

You may still follow other people’s accounts.

It is recommended, however, that you add accounts you follow that you do not want to be unfollowed (or that you do not want us to unfollow) to your close friends list. In the dropdown menu of their profile’s follow button, you may add someone to your close friends list. We have a guideline that all staff must follow: no unfollowing of close friends.

However, we recommend that you do not follow or unfollow too many people throughout the course of our service.

As a consequence of our efforts, you will not receive any spam or false accounts.
All of the accounts we target are genuine and belong to your target demographic. Anything other would be unproductive, as we always want to engage with our clients on a long-term basis. Only the accounts we use to drive traffic to your account are exempt. These are limited in number, with a maximum of 35 accounts used to support your account.

We offer our clients the use of one of our completely warmed-up accounts that was created between 2014 and 2020 to increase service quality and assure a smooth operation without volume constraints. Those accounts are less likely to be blocked and have a better reputation than new ones.

We really prefer working on new or brand new accounts because the algorithm will see them as impartial due to their lack of reputation. Many current accounts have a poor reputation score, and as a result, the system punishes them with low reach, among other things.

Instagram can lift shadowbans, but it depends on what triggered the shadowban in the first place, as there are several sorts of limitations that people refer to in this way.

Low-reach shadow bans are the most prevalent, and they can be triggered for a variety of reasons.

If used for 6-12 months, our Engagement Fix Method can help to reverse low engagement and convince the algorithm to lift the “low engagement shadow ban.

We most certainly have! We’ve worked with thousands of accounts in hundreds of niches and sub niches over the last few years.

If you’re interested in learning more about the niches in which we’ve worked, check out our Account Database.

Unfortunately, as of now, we do not cover Facebook or TikTok.

We allow all our clients to communicate with our Founder and/or Co-Founder and to communicate with their account manager in the Growth Datasheet, which we provide post-purchase. There is a space for comments that may be used for straightforward dialog.

Depending on the plan you select to grow your account with, 3-5 of our team members will work on the account from the outside. A senior account manager will also be responsible for your account and work from within the account on the Standard and Accelerated Growth Package.

The entirely handcrafted, organic approach we swear by is the reason for our costs, which are high by industry standards. All actions taken on your account, for your account, and all analytical tracking are entirely done by hand.

We provide realistic, long-term, healthy outlooks at the best of our abilities at a reasonable price for physical labor. Many businesses entice individuals to use their service by promising huge returns at a low price.

It is no secret that reels are now quite strong. Instagram actively pushes the use of Reels in an effort to drive users away from TikTok. That implies that the algorithm also extends its reach and visibility to Reels.

After receiving the necessary information following purchase, we may begin the service in a maximum of 1-2 days!

Following is an essential action to interact and engage with accounts in your target audience. Due to the fact that following an account has more weight than a simple like, we recommend implementing it in our workflow.

Clients that allow us to use the following feature to grow their accounts have seen an average increase of follows back that exceeds 415%.

We do not use any commenting strategies. Most commenting strategies are ineffective and inauthentic. Additionally, there is a significant likelihood of receiving action blocks with a high output of comments.

We do not make use of any DM strategies. Most DM strategies are ineffective and inauthentic. Furthermore, the chance of getting action blocks with a high volume output of comments is high.

We can grow private accounts, but their performance will be limited because other accounts won’t be able to access your content before you approve their request to follow them.

We suggest setting the account to be public for the length of the service.

We primarily measure the success of our service by gross and net follower gain in comparison to profile views and actions executed and engagement increase. Although there are many other metrics that matter, follower growth and engagement are the two that matter most.

As the service is fully manual and organic, if you have good content, a high follower gain will inevitably lead to higher or vastly increased engagement.

It is recommended that you add the accounts you follow to your list of close friends if you do not want us to unfollow them.
In the dropdown menu of the follow button on someone’s profile, you may add them to your list of close friends.
Our team will abide by the guideline that they must never unfollow any close friends.

The success of our campaign benefits from having high-quality material. Because of an increasing conversion rate for all actions, the better the material, the better the results we will get.

We may use targeting to the best of our ability, but ultimately, whether someone follows your account back, interacts with the material, or remains a loyal follower is up to them.

Therefore, it’s crucial that the content at the very least be solid!

Partially. You should expect that discontinuation of our service before the completion of the third month will slow growth down to a normal pace, though your engagement levels will mostly stay the same. That is why we built a system at a price point that can be maintained long-term to offer clients like you a service that can be used continuously.

The focus of our service and what should be the focus of the aspirations of your account, in general, should be a long-term approach. Even after the duration of our service, the account will benefit from it long term. For best results, we recommend a three-month package.

New accounts, accounts with between 50 and 5000 followers, and accounts with between 5k and 25k followers are all ideal candidates for our service.
Although the growth will no longer be exponential, we also work with larger accounts.

Generally, we advise posting as much quality content as you are able to. Many growth agencies need daily posting from their clients. With us, we handle the majority of the traffic-related tasks.

Anywhere between 1 and 7 posts each week are absolutely OK, depending on your account and the type of content!

The number of followers varies depending on a few variables, but we aim to keep it around 100-160 for the Standard Package and 140-240 for the Accelerated (highest) Package per day.

We just concentrate on your Instagram account’s growth. Since adding content production to the mix would make it difficult for us to provide the service for all niches, we have been concentrating on developing the mechanisms necessary to do so.

Yes! If you want to halt the service, all you have to do is write us a brief note.
Just inform us to begin again when you’re ready to go.

Yes! Just be sure to let us know about it before we get to work.

Yes! What language the account is in or where the account owner is from doesn’t really matter. It’s not a problem for us at all as long as we can target the precise target demographic.

By checking the login details for your account, you may determine whether a real person is actually working on it.
You can see our devices logged in there always operating on the account. Additionally, the account sheet we provide you before we begin allows you to view all of the live progress and actions we take.

We offer a refund policy for all our clients. If you are not satisfied with the service you may contact our Founder, Stefan. As it is our top aim to provide our clients with a transparent service, we will initiate a complete refund.

You will be able to connect with our staff as well as our Founder, Stefan, via email during the service. You may easily request a refund by e-mail.

We accept the following payment options: PayPal, Credit & Debit card, Stripe, Skrill, Payoneer

Yes, you will receive an invoice that will be sent to your email shortly after purchase!

Signing up for a three-month growth cycle allows us to offer the third month essentially for free offering a 2 for 3 discount.

All referred clients as well as the clients that refer are eligble for a 15% discount on all packages and service lengths!

Unfortunately, we do not offer trials, as our work is purely by hand and manual labor. We do offer a 14-day service instead of a full month for clients that wish to give our service a try and evaluate! However, as the onboarding of an account is the most time-intensive part, the price for a 2-week service would be at 60% of normal price.

All payments are processed by authorized payment gateways e.g PayPal and Stripe

While we are working on your account, we suggest you to refrain from using an excessive amount of followers, unfollows, and likes.

The possibility of mini-blocks from other engagement initiatives might prevent us from carrying out our work effectively and achieving the best results.

You can continue to follow, comment, and like as normal, but we don’t recommend using these features excessively.

Yes! We would, however, really appreciate being notified in advance of any changes to usernames or passwords.

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